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Celery Juice Helped My Food Allergies

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and IBS in 2011. Along with that diagnosis came a bombardment of food allergies that complicated my life. Before my diagnosis, I never had an issue with food. I could eat what I wanted and had 0 allergies or even intolerances. However, being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease greatly affected my food tolerances and pushed me into the world of significant food allergies.

Dealing with changing food allergies

One of the most frustrating issues I deal with is that these food allergies are ever-changing. For example, I suddenly became horribly allergic to dairy. I could have nothing, absolutely nothing that contained dairy. If not, I would have a terrible reaction and be horribly sick. 

Lack of support from my medical team

With time, I noticed my issues with food allergies weren't improving and, instead, getting worse. It seemed like the list of foods I couldn’t eat kept getting more extensive, and it was very daunting and frustrating. I felt like I wasn't getting much guidance from my medical team. Hence, I started to research and meet with other medical professionals like a naturopathic medical doctor.

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The impact of autoimmune disease on allergies

I learned that my autoimmune condition affects how my body reacts to food. I had these allergic reactions because my immune system was out of whack, and my body saw food as a dangerous invader. In my personal case, I needed to get my condition under control to help improve my body's response to food.

My experience trying a naturopathic remedy

Although sort of out of left field, and after feeling frustrated by the lack of support from my medical team, I tried to relieve my severe food allergies with celery juice. I had come across some information about it and figured that I had nothing to lose at that point. This wasn't a medication or supplement; it was a type of juice.

I had read about other people's positive experiences with celery juice, but there is currently no research-based scientific data on its benefits. Please don't mistake my words and think I am saying this juice will cure your food allergies. This is not a magical cure.

Drinking celery juice

So, I started drinking organic pure celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. I drank celery juice for about 5 months straight. The results I experienced were pretty remarkable for me. In 2 weeks of consistently doing this regimen, I saw immense improvement in my Crohn's Disease symptoms. In turn, my ability to tolerate more foods began to happen.

After a month, I tried some cheese, which instantly used to make me sick. My body would immediately make me throw it up, and then I would be buckled over in the fetal position with terrible abdominal cramping. After a bite, I didn't have a substantial adverse reaction. I was impressed. Over time, I tolerated foods on my "never-eat list" in small portions. To me, it was a huge win.

Today, I can get away with small portions, have certain cheeses, and be completely fine. A type of food that has stayed consistent, however, is wheat. Gluten-free isn't strict enough for me, as you can have a gluten-free food that still contains wheat. So I am in the category that has to stay 100 percent away from anything with wheat in it, whether gluten-free or not.

Final thoughts on celery juice

Full disclosure, I stopped this routine after about 5 months purely out of laziness. So who knows if I would have continued to improve. I have recently started drinking the juice again after over a year of not doing it. It has been about 4 months, and I feel great and tolerate more foods again.

Everyone's body is different, so consult a medical professional before trying new medications or alternative treatments.

Have you ever tried celery juice, and has it helped with your food allergies?

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