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Best Ways to Enjoy Coffee If You Have a Dairy Allergy

Food allergies are always inconvenient, and severe food allergies are downright scary. It's noteworthy to realize how much food is intertwined with our culture and social norms. Let's face it; eating involves socializing, so if you have a food allergy that you must avoid, sometimes it can feel like you're missing out.

Dairy allergies are common

Having a dairy allergy or intolerance is extremely common. I find it great that there are so many options for us dairy-free folk nowadays. It's so much easier to navigate eating out and being dairy-free. Even restaurants now offer dairy-free options on their menus, making dining out more inclusive for those with a dairy allergy or intolerance.

Coffee and dairy are best friends

However, a significant kind of food relies on dairy to enhance its natural flavor, and no, I'm not talking about Oreos or cereal. I'm referring to, you guessed it, coffee! Coffee is best friends with milk or creamer. They go hand-in-hand so well.

So what about us coffee drinkers who have a dairy allergy? How can we still indulge in the goodness of a latte or cappuccino without cow's milk? Well, not to worry. Here are some great dairy-free options for you.

Many varieties of dairy-free milk alternatives

Try out the many options for dairy-free milk. As I mentioned before, today, we have it easier with so many options on the market. To coffee, you can add dairy-free milk alternatives like oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk. My favorite is oat milk or almond milk. Dairy-free lattes and macchiatos taste just as good as the originals! Many coffee shops now have dairy-free milk options available to customers, so don't hesitate to ask for your preferred cream or milk from your barista.

Dairy-free creamers

If you prefer cream in your coffee, the same applies here. There are dairy-free creamers available at most grocery stores, which are excellent and quite tasty. You might not even know the difference. Alternative creamers can also bring new flavor profiles than dairy creamer to your coffee.

Lactose-free milk

For some people who have to avoid dairy, lactose in milk is the culprit that causes adverse reactions. In this case, for those of you who just need to avoid lactose, enjoy the many options of lactose-free dairy milk. Again, you can't tell any flavor/taste difference, and you don't have to worry about reacting to lactose!

Try black coffee

I have met many people who have the onset of a dairy allergy later in life and don't enjoy the dairy-free milk alternatives (or are allergic to those, too). So over time, you can learn to enjoy coffee black, without any cream or milk. Sometimes I order my coffee black and if it's a delicious roast, it's just as tasty and satisfying! So don't get discouraged if none of the milk alternatives work for you. Coffee can taste just as good on its own.

How do you enjoy your coffee while avoiding dairy? Share below any tips or tricks you use to enjoy coffee!

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