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Food Allergies: Making Memories Out of Macarons

Because of food allergies, I rarely eat what most would call sumptuous food. My diet consists of the basics: lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water. Simply buying something already made that I can safely eat is a relished treat.

Now and then, I buy gluten-free cupcakes for special occasions. But I often bake my own cupcakes to reduce sugar and ensure they are free of dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy. Whether bought or homemade, these cupcakes cost more than ordinary ones. They really are a luxury for me.

What allergens are in macarons?

Recently, my son wanted to try macarons. He did not want macaroons, which typically consist of coconut, sugar, and eggs. I might have been able to eat those.

My 5-year-old wanted the cream-filled, round cookies known as macarons. Macarons contain 2 common food allergens, eggs, and tree nuts. Specifically, macarons are made of egg whites and sugar and closely resemble meringue. But macarons also contain almond flour, which makes them off limits for people with nut allergies and me.

Finding a French macaron boutique

I try my best not to let my food allergies limit what my family eats and enjoys. So, I searched online for a place to buy macarons for my son. My search yielded a French macaron boutique less than 10 miles away.

Responding when I cannot eat what my family can

The pictures of the little cookie boutique enticed us. The exquisite interior design instantly caught my attention. My son's eyes grew wide at the sight of dozens of cookies in so many bright colors.

I decided to fulfill his desire for a colorful, sweet treat with a fun adventure for both of us! We needed a break from always being at home. And this seemed like a much-deserved reward for my working hard to meet several writing deadlines.

Turning desire into delight

So, I drove us to the unique cookie boutique. We stepped into what looked to me like a scene on a European street. My son ran to the cookie cases and pointed to all the macarons he wanted. He would have liked one of every color if we could have afforded them.

For a moment, I wished I could eat a macaron. I asked the server about the other ingredients in these appealing treats. The server kindly let me review the ingredient list.

I was glad to see the gluten-free signs sitting by each macaron. They signaled the progress on my journey with food allergies over the last 14 years. But gluten is merely one of the foods to which I am either allergic or sensitive.

Choosing something for everyone to enjoy

After looking at all the macaron options, we selected 3 macaron flavors for my son to share with his dad: birthday cake, cookies and cream, and red velvet. They both enjoyed the delicious treats later that day. My son already wants to go back and have more.

Even without tasting a macaron, the outing was a real treat for me too. The store offered coffee and tea, which I could partake of at a lovely little table in the elegant surroundings. And reading the owner's story inspired me in my own creative, small business endeavors.

Making memories despite food allergies

Having food allergies can make some daily experiences a bit harder. But I believe that amid the challenges, we can still find something to appreciate and enjoy. What's more, we can grow in our hearts and minds and have something truly rich to share with others.

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