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My Experience With NAET for Food Allergies

Have you ever tried NAET? It stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques. In a nutshell, it is a non-invasive, drug free method of alleviating allergies. Although NAET is not backed by robust scientific research, I tried this alternative allergy treatment because I was desperately dealing with an immense amount of food allergies that were making my life miserable.

Trying a friend's allergy relief suggestion

These food allergies began when I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and IBS. I was stick-thin and literally reacted to almost anything I ate. At that time, the outlook was looking grim for me.

A friend of my family suggested I try NAET, as she had dealt with a similar plight, and after receiving this treatment, she had superb results. So I went ahead and sought the NAET treatment and thought I would share my experience.

NAET through my eyes

Firstly, NAET has a website that explains the details of the technique, and you can even look up practitioners in your area. My friend recommended the practitioner I consulted with, and her name was Desiree.

A lengthy consultation

Upon arriving at Desiree's office, I had to sign a bunch of papers and list out all of my allergies and symptoms. We had a consultation that was surprisingly long.

She asked me about my allergies, and we discussed them all and how I reacted to each, whether severe or mild. I loved seeing Desiree because she was extremely caring and took her time with me. It was a different experience than I was used to at a doctor's office, where I often felt rushed.

Explaining the NAET protocol

Desiree explained the protocol: we follow my list of allergies. The program has an organized way of tackling allergies, and you can only work on a certain amount in each given session, as the body can only process so much at once.

Holding vials of allergens

Okay, so here is the weird part. Essentially the technique works by holding to a vial of the allergen. When I say vials, I mean a small glass tube of the actual allergen. So, for example, for dairy, she had a small vial with dairy particles in it.

She would give me the vial and then muscle test me. In other words, she would push down on my arm while I flexed, and if my muscle went weak, it meant that I was allergic/intolerant in some way. So she would then go on to "work" on this allergen.

I would continue holding the vial, and she would use a special tool to tap on my spine and other pressure points on my body. We would focus on as many allergies until my body essentially would stop responding, meaning we needed to end for the day. I was able to tolerate about 3 to 4 allergens per session.

My results trying NAET

I worked with Desiree for about 2 months. I have to say; I experienced immediate results. I was able to tolerate the allergens we worked on. And it was really bizarre to me. 

Full disclosure, however, with time, the allergies crept back in. There was a period after my work with her that I could have dairy again. But it was short-lived.

So overall, I wanted to share because we are all different and respond to treatment/techniques differently. If you have a severe allergy, maybe this isn't the best thing for you. For me personally, the results of NAET weren't lasting, but I did at least get relief for some time, and I plan to do NAET again in the future.

Have you ever heard of NAET? Have you ever tried it? If so, share you experience below!

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