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Spring Is Finally Here, and So Is My Runny Nose!

As we are now moving into the warmer season, we allergy warriors have to be ready and alert to take preemptive action. This spring season is like the calm before the storm for me. The reason for this is that any significant changes in temperature and air quality can disrupt my allergies, but, that said, my conditions are much more manageable in the spring than they are in the summer months. Hence, "the calm before the storm."

The start of environmental allergy symptoms

It is still quite cold here in the United Kingdom, but it is warmer than in the winter months. And this is the season when pollen starts to come through. I have noticed that my nose has started running, and I feel like I am getting a cold. It's nature's sign of telling me that I need to get on top of my allergies quickly before the allergy symptoms become all-encompassing and out of control.

Getting ahead of the symptoms

My eyes will swell up and stream if I do not act fast. Then I am likely to get eczema around my eyes; then, if I am unlucky, I will develop an eye infection. The really depressing thing is that I might still act preemptively and go through these things, but I have to try because I might not.

A medication routine keeps me sane

I personally like using antihistamines which I get from my primary doctor. My doctor prescribes me loratadine 10mg. This antihistamine is the non-drowsy type which is crucial if you work in a job like mine. I'm a driving instructor, so I need to be alert and highly focused all day long, and I cannot afford to be itchy with red, swollen eyes. That's the last thing I want to burden my students with.

Other things that help my symptoms

So, when it comes to the warmer months, I begin taking one 10mg tablet of loratadine every morning. I also make myself a fruit and vegetable smoothie. Without going into what exactly goes into my smoothie, the one ingredient that is good at fighting bacteria and can aid in preventing colds for me is fresh ginger. Ginger can help to calm the immune system and is delicious in either salads or smoothies.1

I never leave the apartment without my allergy eye drops. This is when I feel a flare coming on, be it sneezing or itchy eyes. I live in a very green part of England. Even the locals say we live "out in the sticks," so it's not ideal for spring allergy sufferers.

Keeping my car dust-free

Another thing I try to stay on top of is keeping my car regularly vacuumed. I have a portable Dyson that I stick in the trunk, and I try to vacuum every day, but I'm not always great with this. Cleaning the car by vacuuming regularly is one of the best things I have ever done. It keeps a dust-free environment, and it is another weapon that I can use to keep my allergies at bay.

"You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming."
- Pablo Neruda

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