Drained by Allergic Asthma

I'm allergic to food, medications, synthetic iron, synthetic sugars, and have allergic asthma which can be quite severe.

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Tips for traveling

This has impacted my life in too many ways to count. It's to the point where if I want to go away overnight, most of the luggage is food and my medications. Many times I cook extra and bring it with me to share with my host family. If I go to a hotel I book a room that has a refrigerator. And I learned to travel with coolers and ice packs. If I cook at a hotel, its on an electric burner and disposable anything else so I don't have to worry about bringing it back. Or crock pots are useful. I bring along my own salt, oil, spices, ketchup, ginger ale, bread. Or matza. Mayonnaise. And more

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