Holiday from Hell

Last updated: May 2023

My son Vinnie, age 5, was on holiday with me, his mum, in Turkey at a 5-star TUI resort, Aqua Fantasy Hotel and Water Park. He was signed into a kids club where I wrote in a form about all of his allergies, not that they ever explained they would feed him.

Trauamtic vacation due to food allergies

He went in the first time and loved it. The second time they fed him pizza, without my consent, which he was allergic to. He was sick and went into anaphylactic shock. He was rushed to the hospital, as the EpiPen I gave him failed. He had two more shots of adrenaline in the ambulance and luckily made it through. I thought he was going to die
No one spoke English

It was the worst experience ever. My son and I have suffered PTSD from it a year later. We have been abroad since. He is anaphylactic to egg, wheat, barley, and peanut.

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