Elizabeth Alvarez

Elizabeth Alvarez, is a 32-year-old, ex-professional dancer and freelance writer that resides in Miami, FL. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and IBS in 2011 and has endured a long road of recovery since.

Before her diagnosis, Elizabeth was healthy and never dealt with any sort of medical condition or food allergies. She grew up dancing since she was 4, went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts to then move to New York City and danced professionally for the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center.

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It was upon her Crohn’s Disease and IBS diagnosis that food allergies introduced themselves to her daily life. Food used to be carefree and exciting for Elizabeth. A low-key foodie, she enjoyed all kinds of food and had a superb relationship with food.

Since 2011, food allergies towards dairy, almonds, wheat, rice, corn, to name a few became moderate to severe. Food suddenly became daunting at times. Navigating a culture where wheat and dairy can dominate menus was quite challenging.

Today, Elizabeth has made amazing progress with her diagnosis and management of food allergies. Over the years she has compiled many tips and tricks to help navigate the complexities and ever-changing patterns that food allergies can bring forth. She is excited to pay it forward and share what she has learned.

If you too suffer from Crohn’s and/or IBS, check out Elizabeth’s website: www.thedancingcrohnie.com for more information.

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