Lorene Alba, AE-C

Allergies Community Advocate Lorene AlbaLorene Alba, AE-C, was diagnosed with allergies in high school, and allergic asthma during her freshman year in college. She graduated with a degree in culinary arts in college and had a successful career as a chef and restaurateur. Lorene later switched careers and is now a full-time content creator and advocate for people living with chronic conditions.

She became an active patient advocate resulting from her own experiences with allergies, food allergies, and severe, persistent asthma. She is a certified asthma educator (AE-C) and is currently focused on how a changing climate impacts allergies and asthma. Her current passion for creating asthma- and allergy-friendly recipes combines her love of cooking, food, and helping others with chronic conditions. When she's not in her kitchen she's hiking with her dog or knitting over a great cup of coffee.

She also writes for asthma.net and can be found on Instagram at @asthmachef or twitter at @asthmachef.

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