Nina Ajdin

Allergies Community Advocate Nina AjdinNina Ajdin started experiencing health issues after moving to the United States as a refugee from Bosnia at 10 years old, after going through significant amounts of childhood trauma during the Yugoslavian conflict in 1992-1996.

After a long journey that included allergies, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, recurring infections, mental health disorders, seizure disorder, alopecia areata, and more, Nina found out about topical steroid withdrawal in 2014 and went through the excruciating withdrawal process. She was bedridden for nearly 6 years, with little to zero function, until finding TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and other natural healing modalities and beginning to truly heal from the inside out. She got even more familiar with allergies throughout that process as her body went through so many changes.

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Nina has been a health and patient advocate for many years now. She has been featured in several news media pieces and has shared her story openly on various different outlets.

Her dream is to show people the true power of the human mind-body and the resilience of the human spirit and to inspire others that healing is always possible, no matter how many challenges life throws our way.

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