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Environmental Allergy & Subcutaneous Atopic Dermatitis Flare-ups

In Miami Florida, I'm having episodes of intense allergy flare-ups. Possibly due to the cloudy/rainy weather? I'm feeling very hard-tightness sensation within my subdermal, and possibly muscle tissues within my chest, neck (feels like I'm being choked), face, and head. I know if I go to the emergency, all they're gonna do is x-ray (which will turn up nothing seen), prescribe me painkillers, then release me. Can anyone here relate? Does anyone know how I might get some relief? I'm already receiving desensitizing serum injections and recently started Dupixent.

Thanks in advance...😌

  1. Hi Alexa

    I have been seen by multiple dermatologists (one of whom is administering the Dupixent) and multiple allergists (one of whom is administering the desensitizing shots). It appears as though most physicians have not encountered a patient with subcutaneous level eczema.

    My blood panel does show elevated immunoglobulin e in upwards of 700 to 1200 units - this count shows that my body is reacting to something, more so, many things. It's believed that excessive amounts of histamine, and other inflammatory chemicals are being secreted profusely into my fatty tissue, reacting to common and harmless microorganisms, as though they are harmful intruders; perhaps this is causing density-increase. I think this is where that hard-tightness sensation is coming from. I need a physician that understands this phenomenon and be knowledgeable of what treatment to apply for some relief.

    One of my dermatologists suggested CBD and/or acupuncture; so I'm checking with my medical insurance if & how they might cover such services. And one of my allergists suggested that I be analyzed by a hematologist. If you have an idea of which disciplinary physician can figure this out, please advise. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for sharing more about your experience. I'm glad to hear you've taken the time to see multiple dermatologists and allergists. It can be challenging to do so, but it shows that you are really doing your best to take care of yourself! I'm not sure if you are already a member, but we do have a sibling community,, that has a lot of great info/experiences from individuals living with eczema. Unfortunately, since I am not a medical professional and do not know your medical history, I cannot provide an accurate physician recommendation. That said, we have an article on different types of physicians/specialists that treat allergies: I wonder if it might be helpful to take a look at that, and then search for a specialist using something like Zocdoc to see if there is anyone in your area? You could also ask for a referral from one of the other physicians you've seen, if you haven't already. I also wanted to share an article we have on complementary and alternative medicine for allergies, which includes info on acupuncture: I hope this helps - please keep me posted on how you're doing! -Alexa ( moderator)

  2. Hi - so sorry to hear you're going through this! It can be frustrating to not have healthcare providers understand your symptoms and flare-ups. May I ask if you've seen an allergist or any type of specialist before? If you're able to, they might be able to help you figure out what triggers these episodes. What do you think? I hope others are able to chime in with their experiences as well! -Alexa ( moderator)

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