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My dust mites allergy came back after 7 year of immunoterapy protection. Is The immunoterapy workingagain?

Hello. I am a person with dust mites allergy from the childhoood. The allergy was not controlled and it took me to Niox 44 when i was 19. I have almost cured The allergy with immunotherapy which was performed for a period of 6 years and a half. I felt almost perfect. The allergy have camed back after seven years of protection, with The same aggresivity as in the childhood. I would like to take the injectable again. Do you have cases when The allergy have camed back and do you know if The immunotherapy works for The second time? I am 35 now.

Is there any person in my situation?

I would also like to ask you if there is any place în The world where dust mites do not live?

  1. I am so sorry to hear your allergy to dust mites has returned and is just as aggressive as it was before. Have you been able to discuss this question with you doctor? While I do not have any personal experience with immunotherapy and am not sure how it would work the second time around, I wanted to share with you a couple of articles about different types of immunotherapies as well as other treatments to dust mite management that maybe you could discuss with you doctor
    I hope others in the community will chime in if they have any experience with 2nd time treatment with immunotherapy! Sending thoughts your way. Warmly, Erin (team member)

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