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Preparing for Dance Auditions With Food Allergies

I am currently training for an important dance audition at the end of the month in New York City. So much preparation and rigorous work goes into getting ready for this event. And for me, an added layer of preparation is considering my food allergies.

Traveling with food allergies

The audition I am participating in is 3 days long, meaning I'll need to nourish my body appropriately. I also need to be well-packed with foods that will not cause any allergic reactions. I have a severe food allergy to wheat. While many food products are obvious in their ingredients, others can have hidden wheat. It can make traveling much less easy. But it's still possible.

Since I am traveling to New York for the audition, organization and packing smart are critical. This is how I am planning for my 3-day trip.

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Allergy-friendly snack preparation

I will pack safe snacks in my purse and carry-on bag for the airplane ride. Food options at the airport are limited and expensive, so packing snacks is helpful. At the moment, I enjoy Trader Joe's seasoned "Everything But The Bagel" almonds and cashews. 

Since I'm not allergic to nuts, these are a great snack as they are packed with healthy fats, protein, magnesium, fiber, and phosphorus, to name a few. I also pack dried mangos. With these 2 snacks, I am well-stocked for the flight if I get hungry.

Grocery shopping at my destination

Once I check into my hotel in New York, I plan to do a grocery run to have my allergy-friendly snacks on hand for the audition and the hotel stay. Thankfully, my hotel room will have a mini-fridge so I can buy refrigerated items. Again, my priority is snacks that will help me maintain energy and feel satiated throughout the day. I need to avoid wheat.

I will be buying more nuts and trail mix. Trader Joe's has a great selection of nuts at an affordable price. I also enjoy roasted and salted pistachios. I will stock up on more dried fruits and then see what other foods I can purchase. I will likely buy dairy-free yogurt for breakfast, juice, pre-packaged guacamole, and tortilla chips.

Packing my audition bag

For each audition day, I will have a proper breakfast so that my body and mind are fueled. Along with my snacks, I'll pack plenty of water to stay hydrated. I'll probably be eating the same nuts and dried fruits that I enjoyed on the plane.

Searching for allergy-friendly restaurants

I know I'll have a big appetite after a full day of dancing. I've researched a few restaurants nearby with menu options to accommodate my allergies. I will make a reservation to ensure I'll have a table. As long as some wheat-free dishes are on the menu, I can enjoy dining out for a few meals.

Although having food allergies while traveling can complicate things, it's manageable with planning and organization. Having an open mind is helpful! I'm looking forward to a successful trip to the dance auditions.

How about you? In what ways do you plan for a trip around your food allergies?

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