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Allergy Awareness Month 2023: Exploring ALLergies

Allergy Awareness Month 2023 is here!

Allergies are some of the most common chronic health conditions in the world. From food to latex and medicine, people can be allergic to just about anything. And with around 50 million people in the United States living with allergies, there is so much to learn and spread awareness about.1,2

This year's Awareness Month theme is Exploring ALLergies. Throughout May, we will highlight a different type of allergy each week, with the final week encompassing all allergies and how other health conditions can affect one's allergies.

Want to get involved in Allergy Awareness Month? We've got a few ideas for you!

1. Enter our Allergy Awareness Month 2023 giveaway!

Self-care looks different to every person living with allergies. That’s why we're giving away a $100 Knack gift card to one lucky community member to choose from a variety of curated gift and care packages.

To learn more about our giveaway and how to enter, click here!

2. Share your story

One of the best forms of awareness is sharing. What has your allergy journey been like? What do you wish others knew about your allergies? Our community is a safe place to share and connect with others who understand.

3. Connect with others suffering from allergies

You're not alone in your struggles with allergies. Join the discussion by starting a forum. Our forums are a great place to ask questions, learn more about different types of allergies and symptoms, and find community. From annoying allergy myths to allergies and anxiety, there are so many topics to be explored.

4. Follow along on social media

Follow us to stay in the know for all things Allergy Awareness Month 2023. Share with others in your network affected by allergies!


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