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Allergies and Anxiety

Does anyone here, who experiences anxiety, feel that their anxiety is caused by allergies? How does anxiety impact your allergy symptoms? Have you learned any coping skills to help manage anxiety as it relates to allergies?

  1. I think if I could breath out of my nose I could control my anxiety which is panic attacks, Generalized anxiety disorder. But I've never been able to breath out of my nose in my life. Had deviated septum taken care of and it did no good. Try to find help online and all they tell me is breath out of my nose. Have never tried allergy shots because I take inderal for allergies and now for blood pressure. Found out they had allergy shots when I was in high school. When I was young. Went to the "best" pediatrician in town. How come he didn't recommend allergy shots if he was "the best".

    1. That sounds really challenging not being able to breathe out of your nose. I'm curious if you've ever looked into breathing techniques for mouth breathing? Maybe there are some techniques that could be helpful to use when you're feeling anxious. I've read from a few other community members that their doctors were against allergy shots, so I wonder if your pediatrician also had that stance. I've found that second opinions can always be helpful. Wishing you well! -Alexa ( moderator)

  2. I feel like my anxiety is kind of caused by ALL my health conditions, allergies included. But it's more like a loop - one sets off the other. Allergies create anxiety, and anxiety creates more immune response and even more allergies and other illness, and when stuck in that, it's hard to get out. It's all very much connected for me.

    1. , I experience anxiety about a lot of things including my allergies. Sometimes the anxiety stops me from doing things because I become so afraid of potential reactions. I try to reduce the anxiety by informing myself of ingredients, natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, etc. I also know that I can't control everything. I rely on my faith a lot to help keep my heart and mind calm and at peace. When the anxiety mounts, I usually reach out to family members or friends who know about my condition and can help me. Reassuring words, deep breaths, and walks outside aid me tremendously when dealing with anxiety.

      1. Hi. I live with extremely frightening allergies. My toughest one is the scent of fresh popcorn especially if they have a popcorn. A hint nearby. I many times go into groceries to shop and have to literally run out of the store so I don't have an anyphlaxis episode. If not caught right away, I'll need to be risked to the emergency room for treatment.

        1. , No one wants to risk ending up in the emergency room, especially when you are just trying to go about your business It's frustrating that there aren't better public accommodations for people living with severe allergies in order to keep people safe and informed about what they are walking into... you shouldn't have to be on high alert at all times when you are just trying to buy yourself groceries for the week! Thank you for sharing with us. Allergies and anxiety so often go hand-in-hand, it's an important conversation to have so others in the community will see that they are not alone in this feeling. Sending hugs,
          Gabby (team member)

        2. - This sounds extremely anxiety-inducing. People don't always fully understand how serious allergies can be for others. Thanks so much for sharing! Pete (Team Member)

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