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Has anyone seen a reaction like this?

Allergic reactions can be scary to experience and witness in ourselves and our loved ones. Especially when the allergic reaction looks or feels different than what we have seen or experienced before. Has anyone here ever witnessed or experienced a "new" or unexpected allergic reaction that was unlike past experiences?

Help us spread awareness and share knowledge together by posting a picture of your "new" or unexpected allergic reaction to see if others in the community have experienced something similar in their past!

  1. and does anyone have recommendations for allergy itch ?

    1. does anybody get itchy feet and hands when outside or indoors due to allergies?

      1. , that's interesting! I have never heard of someone experiencing itchy hands and feet just from being indoors or outdoors. Does this occur specifically when you touch a surface with your skin (like walking on grass, touching objects outdoors that may have pollen on them, etc)? What about when you are indoors? Is your skin becoming itchy just from air contact?

        Aside from dealing with the itch, our go-to recommendations are to stay hydrated, moisturize your skin regularly, and use sunscreen on all exposed skin. As fas as getting quick relief from itching, depending on what is causing the itch, you can try hydrocortisone creams, benadryl creams, other anti-itch creams or even steroid creams. Your doctor, allergist, or dermatologist may have some suggestions, too.

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. I've been allergic to peanuts (but not tree nuts) my whole life, I thought I knew my reactions like the back of my hand. Then in college I encountered communal peanut butter in the cafeteria (which I tried fighting multiple times to no avail). One day I sat next to my friend who had peanut butter covered apples. Big mistake, the smell alone made me nauseous and by the time I got back to my dorm room I had a small amount of hives on my arm. I had to take a Benadryl. I had a private room accommodation because of this but the hives from the smell was new. Now I know that once I smell, touch or ingest peanuts I will get sick.

      1. yes there were some side dishes to eat. My dad even felt so bad that we went to lunch the next day.

      2. I'm glad to hear you were able to enjoy some side dishes! And how kind of your dad to take you to lunch the next day. Having supportive family and friends is so important! -Alexa ( moderator)

    3. I find that nuts which are old smell different, and I think the oils in them deteriorate and I get mouth ulcers. Any hot pepper will do the same, but bell peppers are okay. There is a dental paste some allergists and dentists are familiar with, that I use, and my ulcers begin to heal in two or three days.

      1. , that's really interesting! I think you might be on to something about the oils in old nuts deteriorating. And thanks for mentioning the dental paste! I have not heard of it before, but now I learned something new today so thank you!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

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