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Cold Fronts Can Bring On My Allergy Symptoms

Cold fronts often usher in more than just cooler weather. They tend to bring on my allergy symptoms too. Weather can impact allergy symptoms. I suffered terribly with the latest cold front that came through the Central Texas and Gulf Coast regions.

Weather can impact allergy symptoms

I woke up with severe allergy and sinus symptoms after a cold front came through during the night. My nose felt dry and stuffy. Pain radiated through my sinuses. My head throbbed.

Shortly after getting out of bed, I reached for my bottle of Flonase nasal spray. I breathed in the mist. This steroid medication helps to reduce the inflammation in my nose and sinuses. But it usually takes some time for relief to come.

Methods I used to ease the sinus pain

The worst pain encircled my eyes. I wanted to crawl back into bed, pull up the covers, and close my eyes. But the responsibilities of my day awaited me.

After cooking breakfast for my family and me, I took the vitamins that help nourish my body. I also took some Tylenol®. That's all I could use since I also take a prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug each day for symptoms of an autoimmune condition.

Studying, writing, and teaching requires the constant use of my eyes. I applied warm compresses to my face to alleviate the pain. I had to take frequent breaks to hold the wet towel against my skin.

Moving more slowly to abate nausea

I felt frustrated that the allergy symptoms slowed me down when I had so much to do. Even with second doses of Flonase and Tylenol®, the pain and discomfort persisted. The intensity made me nauseous.

I tried not to move too much or turn too quickly. That was hard to do when the time came to prepare lunch and pack our travel bags. I was going in slow motion.

Finding comfort

At one point, the nausea got so bad that I felt like vomiting. So, I laid down on our couch. My husband lightly rubbed my face and head. The gentle pressure and warmth from his hands felt very soothing.

I recalled the ginger chews that helped me with morning sickness during my pregnancy. I did not have any in my pantry, but I found some herbal tea containing ginger as well as chamomile and peppermint. After I sat down and drank a cup of hot tea, the nausea lessened a little bit.

Praying to drive safely amid more allergens

I couldn't stop time or the allergic reaction that hindered me. But I could pray. And that is what I did the most. I prayed for comfort, relief, and strength to press through this allergy flare-up.

My plans for the afternoon included driving 3 hours to another city. I had a meeting there early the next morning. With all the measures I had taken to manage my symptoms, I could finally load my car and leave, albeit a couple of hours late.

Stocking up on medicine and tea

On the way, I stopped at a store to pick up a curbside order. I had bought more over-the-counter allergy medicine along with chamomile tea and ground ginger. I popped a Claritin® RediTab® in my mouth when I got the box.

Then I took a back route to avoid the rush-hour traffic and to limit the stress I feel when driving in big cities. I prayed for alertness and safe travels. I knew the air I was driving through likely contained mold from recent rains and pollen from various trees. I continued praying that I would feel better and not worse.

Preparing as soon as symptoms subside

Darkness had filled the sky by the time I reached my destination. After unpacking and preparing a quick meal, I sat down to eat. That's when I realized my symptoms had subsided a great deal.

I ended my day with a prayer of thanks. I hoped that tomorrow would be better. And it was.

Doing my best to roll with the weather

Winter may have a few more cold fronts in store. I will do my best to get through whatever comes with the extreme weather changes. I have added a nasal rinse to my shopping list. And I think I may schedule an appointment with an allergist.

Do your allergy symptoms worsen with cold fronts? If so, what relieves them?

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