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Tips for Affording Your Epinephrine Pens

Epinephrine is a must-have for some people with allergies. It is the only treatment for an anaphylactic allergic reaction, a reaction that is life-threatening. Epinephrine can raise blood pressure and oxygen levels that have fallen dangerously low. The drug can also reduce hives, swelling, and itching.1

Most doctors recommend that you always carry 2 injections of epinephrine (for example, EpiPen® auto-injectors) with you. They also suggest that you store extra ones in places you go often. But many people cannot afford to do this.1

Epinephrine auto-injectors are pricey. They can cost several hundred dollars for a pack of 2. And they may expire before you even get to use them.1,2

Know the price of EpiPens

Knowing the price of epinephrine pens is a key tip for affording them. Prices on these products differ from place to place. The difference can be more than $100.1,3,4

Take some time to compare prices before you decide on where to buy your epinephrine pens. You can find out the prices in several ways. You may visit a few drug stores where you live. You may even check prices at drug stores in other areas if you travel.1,3

You can also use online sources to find out the prices of epinephrine in different places. GoodRx allows you to search drug prices for free. Once you know the prices, you can make the best decision for you about where to purchase your epinephrine pens.3,4

Choose the right insurance for you

Different insurance plans exist, and you will want to choose one that works for you. If you need epinephrine, you will want an insurance plan with good coverage for prescription drugs. Select an insurance plan that covers some of the cost of either brand-name or generic epinephrine injections.1,2

If your income is low, you may qualify for special health insurance programs. Among these are Medicaid and your state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can learn more about these programs and see whether you qualify at Healthcare.gov.1

Opt for a different brand or device

You can choose from several brands or devices for your epinephrine injections. Auto-injectors include EpiPen, AUVI-Q®, and Adrenaclick®, a generic that may cost less. The devices are not all made the same, and some do not cost as much as others. Choosing the device your insurance plan covers may save you some money.1-3

Use coupons, discounts, mail order, and savings programs

Coupons and discounts for drugs do exist. You can even use some coupons along with your health insurance. GoodRx and NeedyMeds offer coupons you can download and print from their websites. You can use GoodRx coupons at over 70,000 pharmacies in the US.2-5

Your local pharmacy may offer its own discount. These discounts may be based on your financial needs. Or your pharmacy may give you a lower rate if you are a long-time customer.3-5

You can also save money by using mail order programs. Drugs you use all the time can be mailed to you on a regular schedule. For instance, you can elect to receive them every month or every 3 months.1

Several savings programs exist for epinephrine injections. These include:1,2

  • AUVI-Q kaléo Cares Patient Assistance Program
  • Epinephrine Injection, USP Auto-Injector Savings Card
  • EpiPen Savings Card
  • SYMJEPI® Savings Program

Seek financial support

Some people cannot afford epinephrine at the lowest-priced store, even with insurance and discounts. If this is the case for you, there is still another way to get your pens. You can seek financial support.

Various prescription assistance programs exist. You can find out about these programs through online sources like NeedyMeds and Medicine Assistance Tool. Drug companies can also direct you to any prescription assistance programs they offer.3,5,6

Certain hospitals may have their own financial assistance programs. Donors sometimes fund these programs at nonprofit hospitals. When you go to the hospital, ask someone who works there if they have any financial assistance programs.1

Some employers may offer financial support for healthcare. For example, your health insurance may not cover the costs of your epinephrine. In that case, talk to the staff who handle benefits or human resources at your workplace. They may have other ways to help you.1

Get advice from your doctor and your pharmacist

Your doctor and pharmacist can also advise you on how to get the epinephrine you need. So do not hesitate to ask them questions. For instance, you may request that your doctor write your prescription to allow a generic brand. You may ask your pharmacist about any discounts they offer. Your doctor and pharmacist may be able to suggest other ways for you to afford your epinephrine.1-3

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