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My Go-to Wheat-Free Snacks With Food Allergies

The experience of living with food allergies is highly individualized. We are all allergic to different foods, and everyone tolerates and reacts to things differently. However, it is important to share what works for us in hopes of helping anyone with similar allergies.

Wheat-free snacks

I thought it would be helpful to share the go-to snacks that I eat, as I find that everyone, for the most part, loves a good snack! And sometimes, with a long list of food allergies, knowing what to snack on can be daunting and almost impossible to figure out.

Allergens that cause reactions

So before I list my go-to snacks, I will first list the current food allergies that I am dealing with at the moment, as they seem to be ever-changing. My main food allergen culprit is wheat. Wheat causes the most severe allergic reactions. Then comes the following allergens: dairy, corn, quinoa, oats, tomato, raw avocado, processed oils, paprika, red pepper, garlic, and the list continues.

Now that we have established my allergies, here are some snacks I have been enjoying lately.

1. Almond butter with fruit

I love the taste of almond butter. It is filling and soothing to the palate. Lately, I have prepared 2 tablespoons of almond butter with sliced bananas and strawberries. It is a well-rounded snack because the almond butter has protein to make you feel full, and the fruit adds the perfect amount of refreshing and satisfying sweetness.

2. Dates

Dates are a great snack because not only are they tasty, but they are healthy. They are full of antioxidants that can support brain health, are full of fiber, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Lately, I have been eating 2 or 3 dates and just eating them plain. They are delicious. I've also seen people dip them in mascarpone cheese. If you can tolerate dairy, that's a great idea to try.

3. Peanut butter with apples

This snack is classic. Slice up some fresh apples and spread peanut butter on top. Again, peanut butter is a great way to get protein and healthy fat, while the apple offers a refreshing sweet taste. If you can't tolerate peanut butter, try it with almond butter. It is just as good.

4. Trail mix

I have been snacking on some delicious trail mix covered in sea salt lately, and I love it. Thankfully, I can tolerate nuts, so this offers me a great option for a snack. Nuts are full of healthy fat and fiber, so you feel full and satisfied after eating some. Not only that, but nuts can be stored easily, be packed to take on the go, and have many vitamins and minerals.

5. Grain-free crackers with dairy-free butter

My go-to crackers are from the Simple Mills brand, and they are made with vegetable flour. They are the Himalayan Salt pita crackers. These crackers taste like the real thing, and I enjoy pairing these crackers with dairy-free butter. But even just alone, these crackers are so satisfying and are the perfect item to munch on.

What are your go-to snacks when dealing with food allergies?

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