Weddings, Food Allergies, and How to Manage

Wedding season is officially here, and we all know how stressful it can be to attend an event when you deal with food allergies. You may ask yourself, "What kinds of food will be served at the wedding? Will I safely be able to eat my entree? What if I have an allergic reaction?"

All these thoughts can go through our heads. It can even be tempting to avoid the event altogether. But with a bit of planning and communication, I think it is possible to attend a wedding and enjoy the entire affair.

Preparing for the big day

Ask about the food options

Firstly, asking what food will be served at the wedding is essential. It's even better if you have a choice of a meal when you RSVP for the wedding. This helps open up the conversation more naturally.

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Typically chicken, red meat, fish, and a vegetarian option are offered. If you are attending a wedding where choosing your entree is not an option, politely asking the couple which foods will be served during the wedding could give you an idea of how to prepare. It also may be an opportunity to see if there is flexibility to have an allergy-friendly meal option.

Pack accordingly

Once you've inquired about the menu, you will need to plan ahead if the offerings will not work for your allergies. I suggest bringing a purse or bag that will be ample enough to hold some allergy-friendly snacks: protein bars, crackers, trail mix, or even a small sandwich. Whatever you are comfortable packing, bring it! This way, you can have your safe foods when you get hungry.

If you have an EpiPen or use Benadryl in case of an unexpected reaction to food, have these medications handy. Nothing is worse than having an allergic reaction when away from home without your medications. So, be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Attending the wedding

Eat beforehand

The couple's big day is here, and you are ready to celebrate. But don't show up on an empty stomach! This will be your demise. If you know, you can't safely have any of the food, eat a full meal before the wedding and show up with snacks. Hopefully, you won't suffer from hunger throughout the event.

Stay positive

And yes, it's a bummer that you can't simply enjoy the food at the wedding like a typical guest. But if you harbor that notion, it will ruin your time at the event. Try to make the best of the situation. Eat your snacks and enjoy your drinks. If you find an appetizer that will work for you, then go for it. Be adaptable!

Flexibility is key

Food allergies certainly aren't ideal, but my main focus is being able to be flexible and not let them ruin my social life. I have had to plan ahead with food to attend a wedding. I still had a great time and was able to celebrate an important day with the people I love. Planning, flexibility, and a positive mindset allow you to participate in almost anything!

How about you? Do you have any more tips to share about attending a wedding with food allergies?

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