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Sleep Problems

Hi there,

I've a lot of sleep issues lately but no solution, can someone help me with any solutions? I started to use also different apps but none worked except the one that has a sunset effect.

Any advice on using something else?

Much appreciated.

  1. - not getting enough sleep is rough. We know what you're going through. When I struggle, I use a raining app. It is so effective for me, however, sometimes I will take an antihistamine (Cetirizine hydrocloride) 10mg. Just helps in getting me off if I am struggling. Also, Have you tried asking your local pharmacist what they could recommend? Keep in touch! Pete,, Moderator

    1. hi . Sorry to hear you are struggling with sleep issues as well. Lately, mine have been worse than usual to be honest, so I completely understand.

      I know you said you’ve tried apps, but I did want to mention one called insight in case you haven’t tried it. It’s not just for sleep, but has different guided meditations, music, courses, and all sorts of things on there you might find interesting. I’ve personally found meditation and sleep music to be incredibly helpful.

      Also, have you tried any sleep supplements like melatonin, for example? Or even a mild tea like chamomile before bed, in my case, can help tremendously. Just a few ideas - this has been an ongoing struggle most of my life, so I empathize and hope you find something that works soon. Keep us posted on how it goes! 😀 Sending you lots of love and healing vibes. -Nina (Team Member)

      1. , Sorry to hear you are having trouble falling asleep lately. I can definitely relate. It's hard to fall asleep, especially when managing allergy symptoms. We have a couple of articles with tips to improve sleep while living with allergies. I'll include those links in case they are of interest to you. (1) (2) Hope this helps!
        Gabby (team member)

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