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Allergies continually getting worse

After menopause my allergies and food sensitivities have gotten way worse, it’s gotten to where I can barely eat, most food I react to. I am down to rice and oats in the grain dept and that’s it. I am allergic to potatoes, tomatoes, and now peanuts or that’s what the blood work says. Shots do not work on me have tried them 3 different times in my life and reactions are too bad. I’m also allergic to a lot of medicines too. I carry an epi pen with me everywhere. It’s not mast cells they just ran a test and those are in the normal range. Anyone else have these issues?????? I can’t be the only one. TIA

  1. I'm sorry you are dealing with severe food allergies and sensitivites, and . And it doesn't help when testing seems to reveal no allergies and doctors become dismissive of your symptoms. If possible, I would consider getting more allergy testing done (only if you feel up to it). Allergy testing isn't fun, but in depth testing can often reveal what doctors call 'food sensitivities'. So, not full blown allergies, but intolerances.

    And, frankly, you ladies know your bodies better than anyone else. If you know certain foods cause you problems, then it doesn't matter much what the testing shows, does it?

    That said, more than testing, I wish doctors had SOLUTIONS for you to try. , I know in your case, you do have diagnosed food allergies. This may sound like me stating the obvious, but your body is becoming more reactive to more foods over time and I wish I knew what to suggest to pause that reactive state your body seems to be in. Sublingual and dermal immunotherapy treatments are being tested and may potentially be an option, although I don't know for certain, since allergy shots weren't helpful for you, Minnie. You can read about this research here -- And, I also wanted to chare this piece written by one of our contributors on her struggles with food allergies. She went from having no food allergies to having, well, many, and it forever changed her relationship with food -- I wish I had magical answers for all of our members, but we all know allergies just don't like easy fixes, do they?

    Please know you are not alone in this and I hope, if you feel compelled to, that you both keep pushing for answers. After all, eating should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I totally understand, right now I don’t show allergic to many foods, but when I eat them, I get the gastrointestinal problems, migraines, and sometimes a bit of the throat feeling gunky (best way to describe). So I have to stay away from so much it does make for a boring food life, and not being able to go out to dinner, it’s slowly gotten worse and it does get me down at times. How do you do it yours sounds worse than mine.

      1. I eat oats and rice too and am afraid of anything else. My allergies are sugar and calcium which is in everything! I have tremendous muscle and bone aches and it’s all day every day. I went to an allergist and found I was not allergic to any of the normal things but he doesn’t test for sugar or calcium. I have had this chronic pain my whole life from food.

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